I’ve decided to interview people who I find interesting and inspiring. I hope that these interviews will inspire you. So watch this space for some interesting interviews.

First up is my friend, Dr Wally Marais.

My special friend, Dr Wally Marais
My special friend, Dr Wally Marais

How old are you?
I am 76 years old.

To what do you attribute your longevity and vitality?
First, to the Blessedness of life that the Lord Jesus Christ has outlined in His sermon on the mount Matt 6-8. It teaches me to operate from a life giving principle which has His LOVE basis as its source, which He imparts every moment. Love is peace, joy, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness (teachableness) and self-control. Combined with discovering His spiritual gifts adds a Christ like lifestyle, and it is exciting living and growing.

You have been happily married for 50 years. What in your opinion is the secret to a successful marriage?
Using His love in all our choices and respecting each other’s individuality and giving each other space to grow and develop. Choose every day to find a way to say “I love YOU.”

What inspired you to write Siya Hamba Elangeni I Walked Into the Sunrise
I had a growing feeling to write this book and when I visited the museum in Somerset East and read the Slagters nek story, it all came to clear to me , and the Holy Spirit inspired to me to write the book, and I want to show the equality of all people. It was a deeply satisfying experience but I moved on to my second novel called The Sun never sets in the Morning.

Name two personal life achievements that you are most proud of.
The first one is that I have discovered how to be myself in Christ and not being afraid to be me. Also to see the ‘JESUS THINGS’ actually happening in my life and changing me. I love being me and operating from His Love principle and witnessing miracles happening.

Which 3 books have been most inspirational or life changing for you?
All E. Stanley Jones’s books, especially maturing spiritually, The word became flesh, Abundant living.

I know that you have traveled extensively in your life. What have you learned from your travels?
I have traveled to some 13 countries and most of the countries on the continent of Africa and I have found beautiful people and creations of God in nature and I love this world and its people. I have seen happiness and ugliness and I have seen the ravages of war and racial hatred and I understand where it all comes from, it is because all nations have not discovered the Kingdom teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. What I find so sad is that the so called Christian countries are the biggest contributors to suffering in our world. I have seen the difference between Churchianity and Christianity. I have found the most blessed people living out His principles under the worst conditions. We have all the resources in this present world to build real beautiful countries but the death principle that the people are operating from is bringing death to them and their countries.

Are you optimistic about the future of South Africa? Why?
In one way I am but I always remind myself that men of themselves do not have the answers to the this worlds needs only Jesus has the answers and at His return He will create a new world for all of us. But I realize that we have all the resources to create a new world through Christ and that is where I am already living by grace through faith. South Africans must not look to men to bring in a new world we have to keep our focus on Jesus

If you knew for a fact that your next project would be a sure success, what would you set out to achieve?
I would love to build a school like they have at the Cradle of Mankind from a Biblical and Creationist point of view where all pupils could come to see how the Lord is using all different ways and means of teaching us about His world. I am already writing and researching this in preparation of that day.

Name 2 of the most daring things you have ever attempted?
Running and completing the Two Oceans Marathon and also sailing singlehanded from Fish Hoek to Cape point and back again. I also drove a 4X4 from Gauteng to Luanda and back straight after the war when most of the roads had been blown up.

If you could broadcast a one paragraph message to 100 million people, what would that message be?
My message would be, “Jesus came from the new world over 2000 years ago and brought His Life principle to planet earth and He plugged man into His power of life and love by grace through faith. Then He imparted to every one of us enough faith to believe in Him and to connect to Him enabling us to live the supernaturally natural life and already to be part of both worlds. God treats us all equally and has designed a plan for our history on earth now, and then gives us the choice to follow Him. When we do we find fulfillment and meaning for our lives, and we have a feeling of having arrived at home. As we allow Him to live through us every day we see our new world already penetrating this old world and our faith becomes stronger and we become more excited about living.

How can my readers get in touch with you?
I have a web site and invite interested people to read my commentaries of the entire New Testament and my books. They are written to share all these truths with you so that you too can become part of the Supernaturally Natural world. The website address is :
You can contact me personally on e-mail at wally2@iburst, for questions and personal counselling as I am a registered counselor with the Association of Christian Counsellors in South Africa.


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