My list of top 10 sites for 2013

Every now and again one comes across a truly fantastic website that you simply have to bookmark! Here is a list of some of the top sites in my collection for 2013.  I hope that you will find these sites as useful as I have. Please feel free to share your top sites in the comments section below.  I would love to add to this list.

1. If you use Instagram, you will like Pictacular.  Pictacular is a powerful way to use Instagram in your browser.  Pictacular is a free service that lets you enjoy Instagram on the web.  Simply sign in with your Instagram account.

2. If you are interested in learning how to CODE, here are a few great places to start:
CodeCademy,  Code and Teamtreehouse 

3. Curious is a new website that aims to provide a platform for teachers/ instructors to teach.  Here you can learn just about anything…  From how to bead earrings to how to install software on a Mac.  If you have a skill that you could teach, simply upload the video and boom.. (Okay, they do check to see if your video and lesson is up to scratch first.. That is a good thing).  Best part is that you can get paid for teaching.. 

4. WordPress simply has to feature on my list… If you looking for a free and easy platform to host your blog.  Look no further.  There are literally thousands of plugins and themes to choose from.

5. I’m often baffled when I meet people who have never heard of TED TALKS.  If you haven’t heard of TED TALKS, just head over there right now!  (WARNING – THIS SITE IS ADDICTIVE

6. Okay dokes, if you’ve just popped over to TED Talks and came back here then you going to love this site :
TED ED.  TED-Ed hosts interesting You-Tube based lessons drawn from TED talks, created by invited educators, illustrated by animators and submitted by the TED community.  Need I say more?

7. If you have little children, then KidRex is for you.  Parents worried about a child’s Internet search accidentally turning up X-rated content can set KidRex as the home page on the family computer. With every letter a different colour, it resembles Google, but with a twist: the site’s researchers plug in search queries every day to test that sexually explicit websites don’t pop up in search results.

8. Copy is simply fantastic when it comes to cloud storage!  15GB free when you sign up… Easy peasy!

9. I’m a Google fan.  If you have a Google account, then Google DRIVE is a must.  With Google drive on your PC you can sync your files from your computer to “My Drive”.

10. Pixlr is a free tool that works entirely within your browser, it replicates a remarkable percentage of Photoshop’s most important image-editing tools, and does it very, very well. It’s one of the most desktop-like apps ever to grace the Web.

Now if you look carefully, you’ll see that I posted more than 10 sites.  🙂  I hope you like my selection.  Please leave a comment below.  It will surely make my day.  


2 thoughts on “My list of top 10 sites for 2013

Add yours

  1. What I like about WordPress ~
    You can turn WordPress site into a full-on static or hybrid (part blog, part static) website.
    3GB of free storage for posts and media.
    Free statistics for tracking visitors. (Love this)
    Access to hundreds of non-premium themes, many of which can be customized further. access from mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. (like this)

    Way more features on WordPress


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